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Table of Contents

Welcome to Jade Eclipse - jadeites_lady's Collection of Fics & Art!

currently, all Harry Potter universe-related

Table of Contents
Cedric & Cho
Mandy & Terry

A Hint of Lavender - one-shot
Cedric and Cho - one-sentence themes
Cedric's Life - one-shot
Fate's Strings - five parts
For the Record - one-shot
Rainbows and Butterflies - one-shot
Ray of Light - one-shot
The Break-Up - three parts
The Clause - incomplete
The Contract - ten parts
The First Day of Spring - drabble
The Price of Fame - one-shot
The Visit - post-Cedric; drabble
To New Heights - one-shot
Robert and Katie - one-sentence themes

7spells table of prompts:

1.1 The Train Ride (the only adventure)
1.2 The Art of Chivalry (disheveled)
1.3 Ravenclaw Curiosity (red)
1.4 Accepting Compliments (the ballroom at midnight)
1.5 Valentine Heartache (draw the line in the sand)
1.6 The Games We Play (did you see what I did?)
1.7 Last Year, Last Chance (tomorrow is something we remember)

Second set:
2.1 What I Do For You (cold hands, cold feet) [takes place shortly after 1.3]
2.2 Knight in Blue Armor (effect of impact on stationary objects) [takes place months before 1.4]
2.3 placeholder (so shaken as we are) [takes place months after 1.4]
2.4 placeholder (the cruelest month) [summer 5/6th yr]
2.5 placeholder (the sea) [spring/6th yr]
2.6 placeholder (if you wanted honesty) [spring/6th yr]
2.7 placeholder (above the thunder) [summer 6/7th yr]
Draco & Cho
RPG: Original Characters

prompts temporarily on hold for 7spells

1. Aftereffects - part one
2. What Dreams May Come - part two
3. A Lingering Memory - part three

Holidays - drabbles (Charlie/Grady, Soren/Avery, Gabe/Jackie/Kendra)
Spoofs - drabbles
Gabe's Nightmare - crack!fic
The Circle - six parts
Jackie and Gabe - AU fic series
Jackie and Gabe - picture manips
Soren and Avery - picture manip
Audrey - future fic

A Day in the Life - Harry/Hermione
Cho Chang's Secret - drabble
The Slytherin Champion - Rated: R; smut

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*All Harry Potter Characters & Universe naturally belong to JKR.

*Fics are written merely for fun, recreational purposes, and are not intended to infringe on any copyright. Not to be distributed for profit.


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